International Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences

International Research Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 1(3) pp. 45-51, July 2013 ©2013 Advanced Research Journals

Full Length Research Paper

Principal component analysis of the morphostructure of Uda and Balami sheep of Nigeria.

 A.J. Yunusa, A.E. Salako and O.A Oladejo*

 Department of Animal Science, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

*Department of Animal Science and Fisheries, Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria

Corresponding Author E-mail:, Tel.  +2347033236552


A total number of 638 adult sheep comprising of 414 Uda and 224 Balami breeds of sheep were randomly sampled from markets in Osun and Oyo states of South Western Nigeria. 17 linear measurements were taken on the animals to classify these breeds of sheep. The characters measured include Rump Width (RW), Rump Length (RL), Tail Length (TL), Wither Height (WH),  Heart Girth (HG),  Pouch Girth (PG),  Rump Height (RH),  Ear Length (EL), Foreleg Length (FLL), Rear-leg Length (RLL), Body Length (BL), Shoulder Width (SW), Neck Circumference (NC),  Head Length (HeL), Head Width (HW),  Horn Length (HL),  and Hock Length (HoL). Partial correlation of all variables, controlling for breeds, revealed that all variables but correlation of RH with FLL and RLL were highly significant. The significant correlation coefficients obtained from this study range from 0.250 to 0.870 (p<0.01). Principal component analysis of factor solution where two components that explained a tangible proportion of total variance were extracted revealed that 66.91% and 57.43% of the total variance were explained for Balami and Uda sheep respectively. With varimax rotation of component loadings, BL, WH, HG, RH, EW, TL, EL, HeL and HW loaded on the first components while RL, FLL, RLL, NC, HL and HoL loaded on the second components for Uda sheep.  For Balami sheep, WH, HG, PG, RH, FLL, RLL, NC, HeL, HL and HoL loaded on the first component while BL, RW, RL, TL, SW and HW loaded on the second component. It was concluded that traits that are associated with bone development especially cranial measurements best describe the two breeds investigated.

Key word: Principal Component Analysis; Sheep morphostructure