Research Journal of Biochemistry And Biotechnology

About RJBB


The Research Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (RJBB), a broad-based peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to publish high quality research work (monthly) in the areas of Biochemistry And Biotechnology. Open access journal that is published by Advanced Research Journals.

RJBB purpose is to improve communications between biochemists, biotechnologists and within the academic and other research communities, policymakers and operational decision makers.

RJBB accepts manuscripts that fall within all areas and issues relating to Biochemistry And Biotechnology such as:

Biological psychiatry, Biophysics, Chemical ecology, Ecology, Genetics, Organic chemistry, Ethology, Hypothetical types of biochemistry, Metabolomics, Molecular biology, Molecular medicine, Plant physiology, Structural biology, Stoichiometry, Veterinary medicine, Biophysics, Cell biology, Immunology, Chemistry, Genetic engineering, Biology, Endocrinology, Cytology, Hematology, Biological engineering, Technology, Tissue engineering, Microbiology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology and Bacteriology